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Excellent Customer Service. Monday Friday 8 am 8 pm EST. Call Us: 555-555-1234. Verify Job System, uses industry leading security techniques to ensure that your data stays safe throughout the cycle from your servers to ours. Click here to begin Employment verification process.
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Job hunters can easily lie about their work history, either by inflating job titles, expanding employment dates to meet your experience requirements, or even inventing fictitious jobs they didn't' work. Corra Group will contact your candidate's' previous employers and confirm work history. Our employment verification service will verify dates of employment, job titles, job location, and may include salary history, job performance, eligibility for rehire, attendance, productivity, and reasons for leaving.
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What's' in it for employers? With automated employment verification services powered by The Work Number, employers can improve both the security and efficiency of their verification processes, helping to reduce risk, costs and HR workload. Reduced employer liability risk. Better service to employees.
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Social Service Verifier. Equifax Sign Up Log in. Identity Assessment Authentication. 4506-T Tax Transcripts. Sample Verification of Employment. Authentic Records Fast. An Employment Verification is the most commonly requested type of verification. It is the perfect verification if you just need to know where the applicant is employed, but don't' need to understand their ability" to pay" The information provided comes direct from employers and includes basic job information: employer name and address, headquarters location, job title when available, employment status, most recent hire date, and length of time with the employer.
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ADP offers verification services powered by The Work Number to provide automated employment and income verifications online or by telephone. Give your employees quick and easy access to employment and income verification. ADP is a leader in automated employment and income verifications, with over 30% of the nations workforce on the employment verification service.
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Social Service Verifiers Are you a government agency looking for employment and income to determine eligibility for government assistance? Provide Verifiers Secure Access to Your Employment and Income Information. Are you an employee whose employer has their records on The Work Number? Are you needing to provide a salary key to a verifier? Need to access webManager? Do you want your employees on The Work Number? Are you a potential client looking to have The Work Number handle your employee's' verification requests?
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These tips, when combined with authenticating the job history using an employment verification service, can enable you to avoid résumé fraud. The ultimate result is that those hired will be the best choice for the job. Key Employment Verification Terms.
Employment Verification Services.
Due to contractual changes between the Commonwealth of Virginia State Government and the Virginia Interactive Organization, provider of eGovernment services, the central Employment Verification System has been temporarily discontinued. To verify employment you must contact the human resource office at the state agency that the individual has identified as a current or previous employer. DHRM is working to implement a replacement for this service.

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